Music with a Message


Throughout my life, I have been inspired by music.  This began with the comforting sounds of the Baptist church I grew up in, and continued with the love songs that eased my broken heart as an adolescent.  There were the protest songs of the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s and 70s that inspired us all to march, to fight, to take joy in being Black and proud.  Now, in my 70s, I take solace from the losses of my life in the music of the church again. 




The gospel music of Aretha carried me through the loss of my mother weeks after I graduated from college. I have long admired the music of Kirk Franklin, a young man I met before his career even began when I was a substitute teacher at his high school.  I watched him grow in his artistry along with some of my own students and their families as I attended his local concerts and played his CD’s.  Then, with the loss of my husband in 2016, I found comfort in the music of Smokie Norful. I came out of the rut of grief while I walked at the lake or journaled on my patio listening to songs like “God Is Able” and “I Need You Now”.  My favorite is still “Um Good”, a song that lifts my spirit and makes me realize how blessed I am to have survived all that I have, still surrounded by the love and laughter of my sons and grandchildren.

From "Um Good"
Ummmmmm you been good
If I never own a mansion
Way out on the hills
I’ll never see riches, Lord, I’ll serve you still.
If I lose all my possessions
And my health begins to fail,
I can still say you’ve been good.  

This song carried me through two torn meniscus and a diagnosis of arthritis. I had to realize that I could no longer do Zumba or those long fundraiser walks I used to enjoy. I’ve faced high blood pressure and dental agony as I age, realizing that I just have to accept the changes in my body gracefully. There is no other choice. I can only do my due diligence looking for solutions that help.  In the meantime, I take solace in music.

My latest gospel favorite is Brian Courtney Wilson, a recording artist from Houston who occasionally sings at my church. I discovered him on the gospel station on Sirius radio, which I subscribed to before the pandemic. Now I start my day with “Alexa, play Brian Courtney Wilson,” and I get a vast array of musical selections that lift my spirits on any given day. No matter what I’m feeling, in a few moments of his music, I’m just grateful for everything wonderful in my life, despite the health issues, the isolation brought on by the pandemic, or personal worries. 

Of all his songs, my favorite is “Our God Is Good”  When I’m listening, I think of everyone good in my life: my mother and father, my beloved husband that I lost five years ago, my four sons, and my nine amazing grandchildren.  I feel gratitude for my blessings, my health, and everything good in my life. This song inspires me to journal, to write, to praise and to pray. I’d like to share it with you. 

Our God is good
All of the time.
May this truth ease
Each troubled mind.

Through every season, 
Sunshine or the rain,
You can be sure
Our God is good! 

You can trust him, yeah, never doubt.
Keep your faith in Him while He works it out.
Wherever the need is where He will be.
We don’t just believe it... we’ve already seen it.


Now enjoy the video!  What’s your favorite inspirational song?