Self-Care During A Time of Loss…

In our time of Corona and quarantine, I came across an email from a friend and fellow blogger that I felt was worth sharing with my readers of SeasonedYou.  Ebony S. Muhammad is an author, publisher, entrepreneur, computer specialist, health advocate and grief counselor.

"Self-Care During a Time of Loss" is particularly important now for in the midst of keeping everything afloat with our businesses and families, we often neglect our own needs. Read her advice and check out her website and digital magazine, Hurt2Healing. There is plenty of good advice, awesome products, and great celebrity interviews!


I pray that you and your family are safe, and in a blessed state of mind!

Along with the previous email of checking in with you, I wanted to emphasize on Self-Care during a time of loss. September is Self-Care Awareness Month, therefore, I wanted to remind you of how important this is not only in general, but in these times when it seems like we are experiencing loss on a daily basis. 

Everyone has their way of coping, usually by default because most of us weren't taught healthy coping skills. Experiencing a loss intensifies the need for these skills and calls for us to take care of ourselves while keeping our heads above water. 

Our health and wellness tends to be the first thing we let go of during a loss. Our energy is depleted and our motivation and ability to concentrate dims, because our emotional bandwidth is consumed by the loss. 

Therefore, be sure to maintain a healthy, well-rounded diet, no matter how much you may be craving “comfort food”. Unhealthy foods, fast foods, sugary foods, etc. tends to lower our immune system and cause immflamuation, which leads to other health issues including weight gain, headaches, irritability and energy crashes. 

Whenever I'm craving something sweet, fresh dates are my go-to. These are usually found in the produce area of your grocery store. Trust me, a few of these will satisfy that craving. Dates are considered a superfood, so they're incredibly healthy. Dates also boost your energy levels without the crash. 

Pineapples are another favorite of mine when I want a sweet and healthy fix. The core of Pineapples are known to be immune boosting, so juicing that part has great benefits.

Bananas are great for calming the sweet tooth and are known for alleviating feelings of depression. Adding granola and honey with bananas is one of my favorite desserts to be honest! Nothing else is needed! 

If you're finding it difficult to sleep under stress…

Try 10 minutes of Yoga at night. I usually work out in the morning, but I was inspired to add a workout session with 10 minutes of yoga at night, and I immediately felt calmer and relaxed! I also noticed I slept better and woke up feeling refreshed the next morning. Yoga is known for inducing feelings of well-being, grounding or centering you into a space of calm. All you need is 10 minutes and you'll begin to feel the tension ease. 

Turn off the devices. That blue light from our smartphones, tablets and televisions disturb our ability to relax. It is very stimulating to the brain, therefore, it will also make it more difficult to fall asleep at night and rest. Instead, try reading a physical book, journaling or meditation. 

Get some fresh air. Even though we're wearing masks when we go outside, it does't mean we can't open patio doors and windows to let a fresh breeze in. Or go outside in our backyards where we don't have to wear a face mask and feel the Sun and wind against our skin. Being inside for extended time can be draining, so open a window, take a walk outside (wear a mask if you are going to a park) and check in with your senses. 

Lastly, be compassionate with yourself. Speak to yourself as you would your best friend or loved one. Give yourself a break and be patient during this time. We're all learning how to navigate in a pandemic and during a time of loss that this world has never experienced before. What we say to ourselves is vital in our ability to weather the waves of uncertainty. 

When you feel yourself coming down mentally or thinking negatively, catch it as soon as possible and remind yourself you're doing the best you can in this time. 

I pray that these tips have been and/or will be helpful to you. Please feel free to forward this to anyone you know that may need this. We're human and we experience ups and mid-ups. Reach out to someone you trust to confide in. Never choose to struggle by yourself.  Know that you are never alone.

In honor of Self-Care Awareness Month and Suicide Prevention Day, here is an interview I conducted that offers a great deal of guidance and hope in such a time. Enjoy and be blessed!  How to Reverse Suicidal Thoughts and Strengthen the Will To Live

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