Have You Joined AARP?


How many of you are members of AARP?  In case you don’t know, AARP stands for the American Association of Retired Persons, and you’re eligible to join when you turn 50. However, you may join sooner and for the low membership fee of $16 per year, you can access a number of benefits they offer. For those unfamiliar with AARP, it is an “interest-based, non-profit organization focused on enhancing the quality of life for the 50-plus population. AARP seeks to fulfill its mission through advocacy, information, and service.”  You can get discounts in travel, dining, shopping and entertainment, as well as insurance programs for medical, vision, and dental care.  They also offer community education programs where they assist seniors in filing taxes, filling out Medicare forms, and financial investments and wills.  Even if you don’t think you need the help, becoming a member of AARP is a win-win situation.  (I make up the cost of membership in discounts at Denny’s in a month!)

Jo Ann Jenkins is the CEO of AARP and author of Disrupt Aging, a book about confronting the negative aspects of getting older and keeping a positive attitude.  Let’s face it: none of us look forward to losing our memory and sharp vision, or the onset of wrinkles and creaky knees. Yet, we must face the fact that we’re getting older and our bodies are changing. Joining with others in our social circle or online, and reading about ways to face these challenges can be very helpful. Take a look at Ms. Jenkins’ interview. 

Disrupt Aging is also an arm of AARP. You can join, share your story, or read the stories of others who have found their own solutions to the issues that come with growing older.

  • Disrupt Aging is a place to have a new conversation — often funny, sometimes raw, always honest — about how we want to live and age.
  • We will celebrate all those who own their age. We will hold a mirror up to the ageist beliefs around us. We will feature new ways of living and aging, and the products and solutions that make this possible.
  • We will partner with companies and communities to create new solutions that work for all of us at any age. And we will get this story — our story — out there. It’s time to change the conversation.

Check out this video!

Another arm of AARP is called Sisters from AARP, a separate website and weekly newsletter that reaches out and celebrates Black women. There are articles on health, books, finances, relationships, style and more in every issue. You can communicate with them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And you don’t have to be Black to join the conversation!  Here are just some of the things they do:

AARP’s work in the African American community and in your local area includes the following actions.

  • Educating, providing resources for and telling the stories of caregivers.
  • Harnessing the strength of the African-American church by partnering with houses of worship to provide resources.
  • Educating thousands of people on the importance of financial security.
  • Teaching consumers how to spot and protect themselves against scams and fraud.
  • Providing free tax assistance via our local volunteer-based program, which has helped nearly 50 million low- to moderate-income taxpayers since 1968.
  • Continuing our founder’s tradition of social action by honoring and championing civil rights for all people.
  • Fighting to protect important programs and lobbying lawmakers.
  • Changing what it means to be an older American through our Disrupt Aging work.
  • Empowering people to live healthy lives through wellness education events across the country.
  • Collecting food for families, and providing economical ideas for eating healthy, such as cooking videos featuring celebrity chef Carla Hall.
  • Surprising and delighting guests nationwide at hundreds of free community events each year, including our popular Block Parties and Movies For Grownups screenings.
  • Holding free, interactive in-person learning events on tech, caregiving and careers mix fun with purpose.

Here’s a link to a recent newsletter celebrating their 100th issue and Black Music Month.
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“Celebrating 60 years of service in 2018, AARP continues to empower people to choose how they live as they age. With our nationwide presence and local impact, AARP helps people in your community turn their goals and dreams into real possibilities. We focus on what matters most: health, wealth and self. Our work touches people of all backgrounds, generations and walks of life — whether they are among the 38 million Americans who enjoy the many benefits of AARP membership or not.”

So why not join up?  The discounts are great, but the community you can become a part of is even greater.  You can make new friends, network over issues, and learn about yourself and how to confront this monster we call getting older. And you can do it with style and grace!

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